Proov accelerates and expands in Krakow, Poland


Proov changes gears

Our partners, Proov are taking the next step. An important step for the development of the company!

After many reflections, discussions, Jovana and Nico decided to take the plunge and create the technological pole of the company in Krakow in Poland. 
Proov MobileThinking Cracovie

The role of MobileThinking in all this?

As partners of the adventure, we will obviously stay in support of Nico and Jovana and act as CTO of the Proov company.

At first, we will help them to acquire the best possible team through technical job interviews. In a second step, we will coordinate the technical team so that they can easily contribute to Proov v2.0. Finally we will bring our expertise in technical decisions as well as business, to make Proov a must in school curricula.
On a more personal level, we are extremely happy by the turn of Proov and are convinced that the decision to create this technical center in Poland is the best way to to grow.

Congratulations Jovana and Nico and good luck for this new and great adventure!