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Proov is an adventure we started early this year with Jovana Sanussi and Nico Isler. We like their project so much that we decided to invest in Proov as MobileThinking. We are now officially partners and are extremly proud of the work we all did to put Proov in the market.


Find a tutor on-demand. Whether you need one right now or in the near future, Proov lets you quickly and easily find tutors around you for 1-on-1, face-to-face sessions.
Search for Tutors
Locate tutors near you and get a first impression with their introduction video.
Target Your Difficult Class
Select your university courses on Proov and get knowledge from a tutor who took the same class as you.
Pay Only for the Time You Need
Pay only for the time you spent learning. Proov is cash and hassle free.


Thinking of teaching a course you are good at? Proov allows you to share your knowledge at your own convenience. By setting your own rates based on your rating, earning has never been easier.
Set Your Availability
Simply turn on your availability to let yourself visible to students around you for both present and future use.
Receive your earnings from your sessions directly on your bank account.
Check Your Performance
Read your reviews and feedbacks from students. Look at your statistics and ratings to know where to improve.


Proov Sàrl and MobileThinking Sàrl


Application development


iOS swift, Firebase