BenefitMe - in collaboration with Loyco, Piguet-Galland and Deeplink

In July 2019, we had the pleasure of hosting Christophe Barman, Laurent Charbonnier representing Loyco as well as Vincent Arnal and Alain Bisin representing Banque Piguet-Galland, for a one week Design Sprint. The goal of this Sprint was to answer the following question: "How to give employees control over their data and their rights within their company".
The challenge was to find an elegant way to popularize (without losing the meaning) all the administrative data (salaries, taxes...), insurance data (1st pillar, 2nd pillar), or even profits. So, after a week of reflection, schematization and user testing, the prototype of the BenefitMe web application was born.

What is Benefitme

BenefitMe is an ecosystem that includes a web application for employees and one for Human Resources. The web application for the employees of a company allows them to have a quick, simple and secure access to their HR, personal and administrative data. In addition to an informative dashboard, they can perform simulations and measure the impact of a financial decision:
  • What happens to my taxes if I reduce my work rate?
  • And if I change my LPP plan, what will be the impact on my pension?
  • What benefits does my company offer me? 
All these questions, and many more, are answered on the application. And to go further, the application includes a chatbot with artificial intelligence that guides the user in choosing a life project. Early retirement, buying a property; the robot is able to compile the employee's data and suggest solutions to reach his or her goals. In the video example below, we see the Chatbot analyze and describe the impact of a real estate purchase to the user.
In addition, certain requests such as reduced working hours or the choice of Benefits that require going through HR can be made from the application. Human resources will be able to take it into account from their dashboard and accept or refuse the request.

The tool connects to the tax simulator of the Confederation and allows the user to understand in real time the impact of a salary increase, a real estate purchase, a loan or tax deductible expenses.

In the example below, we can see the impact of a child's enrollment in a daycare center on disposable income, but also on taxes at the end of the year.

Moreover, we can see that after a simulation of the purchase of a Tesla, the couple has some disposable income left.
BenefitMe Dashboard

Our contribution

From a design point of view

After being mandated to lead the Design Sprint, we took charge of the design and development of the BenefitMe project in collaboration with Loyco and Piguet-Galland. The company Deeplink then joined us to implement the artificial intelligence chatbot in the project.

From a technical point of view

We developed the front end for employees and Human Resources in VueJS. The server is connected to Loyco's HR departments and is intended to act as a bridge between the applications. We chose to develop it in Laravel with a new specificity compared to our previous projects.

Since the queries are complex (a simulation can have an impact on a lot of data), we chose to develop them using the GraphQL language. This last one, in addition to reducing the number of calls made to the server, is a more powerful choice for BenefitMe specifically. 


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Design and development of the Benefitme ecosystem


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