BenefitMe -
Following your passions,
at what cost?

Alain Bailles, married with one child, is an insurance broker who recently discovered a new passion. Oenology! He wishes to devote more time to it and wonders if he can reduce his working hours.

He is thinking of reducing it to 60% to devote one day a week to it. To see the impact of this reduction on his personal finances, he uses the Benefitme tool.

Step One: Reduce your work rate

He connects to the Benefitme dashboard, provided by his company, and starts by simulating the reduction of his working time. By going from 100% to 60%, he can directly see the impact on his remuneration which goes from more than CHF 117'000.- to less than CHF 68'000.-
This seems insufficient for his current expenses, but he decides to go further anyway.

Step Two: The Impact on Taxes

First of all, he can see the impact on his taxes and notices a decrease of nearly CHF 8'000. Now he has to fill up his cost to get more insights about his budget.

Step Three: The Budget

He then goes to the budget tab and enters all his fixed costs: food, telecommunications, rent, etc.
After checking them all, he realizes that the total is more than CHF 75'000! This means that he won't be able to meet his budget if he reduces his work rate to 60%!

Step 4: Rectification

He decides to redo the simulation but this time by increasing his work rate to 80%. On returning to the budget page, the tool informs him that his simulated annual disposable income would be CHF 3'199.00.
Good news! He is within his budget and can still provide for his family. In addition, he has a personal fortune of CHF 130,000 thanks to 20 years of savings, which provides additional security.


Benefitme quickly highlighted the scope of Alain's work if he wanted to allocate more time to his passion. With a clear vision on his finances, Alain will start to approach his company's HR to decrease his work rate.

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