A key challenge

The development of customized eco-responsible business solutions: an imperative for the future of our planet.

Businesses require tailor-made solutions to address their specific needs. However, these solutions can have a significant environmental impact. Therefore, the development of eco-responsible customized business solutions has become a major concern for the future of our planet. 
Développement éco-responsable

In other words

Developing eco-responsible customized business solutions involves designing and creating applications while considering environmental issues. To achieve this, several elements must be taken into consideration: design, programming, infrastructure, and application usage.

At MobileThinking, we apply, whenever possible, the principles of eco-responsible development in the design and development of our clients' business solutions. 

A few examples :

Optimizing Energy Consumption : For instance, we optimize our applications' energy consumption by using technologies that reduce file sizes and improve application loading speed. Additionally, we minimize the number of server requests and utilize asynchronous processes to reduce the application's energy consumption.

Using Eco-Responsible Infrastructures : We select infrastructure providers who use eco-responsible servers, i.e. who use renewable energies or offset their greenhouse gas emissions. We are an official partner of Infomaniak, a leading player in this field. (

Limiting Bandwidth Consumption : Where possible, we also optimize data exchanges between users and servers to minimize bandwidth consumption. This includes employing efficient algorithms, restricting database calls, and utilizing asynchronous processes.

User Interface Optimization : We optimize the user interface of our applications to minimize unnecessary processes and facilitate application usage. We also work to limit needless notifications and permission requests to reduce energy and data consumption.
Développement éco-responsable

Our commitment

To sum up, at MobileThinking, we apply and advise our clients to incorporate eco-responsible development concepts at every stage of designing and developing their business solutions.

We are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of the solutions we develop while contributing to the protection of our planet. 
If you wish to learn more about this fascinating subject, feel free to contact us. We'd be delighted to discuss it in more detail.