Corporate Digital Responsibility 

For some time now, the subject of Corporate Digital Responsibility has gained increasing prominence in the entrepreneurial sphere, especially within the domain of software development.

MobileThinking aims to take a clear stance on this subject and actively works on it daily. In this context, our team supports its clients in developing tailored business solutions by adopting a proactive approach to digital responsibility. We are conscious of the challenges companies might face in data management and we are here to advise our clients to make the wisest decisions for their company. 
Responsabilité Numérique des Entreprises

Data protection

We pay special attention to safeguarding user privacy and data security. We help our clients in understanding current regulations, particularly the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and we recommend data processing practices that comply with current standards.

We practice transparency in communicating our data processing methods and encourage our clients to do the same. We offer clear and precise information about collected data, its use, storage, and implemented security measures. Moreover, we assist our clients in developing effective privacy policies to protect user privacy.

Furthermore, we believe that digital responsibility doesn't just involve data protection but also includes social and environmental standards. We collaborate with our clients to promote diversity, provide fair employment opportunities, and minimize environmental impact through the adoption of sustainable technologies. 

In conclusion

In summary, at MobileThinking, we are committed to guiding our clients in adopting responsible data processing practices. We offer advice on compliance with prevailing regulations, promote transparency in communication, and assist in developing effective privacy policies. We stand by to support them in establishing effective and sustainable digital responsibility for their businesses.
If you have any questions regarding MobileThinking and Corporate Digital Responsibility, please feel free to contact us.