Our team is growing !


Welcome to our new team members

We are pleased to announce that we have three new collaborators at Mobile Thinking !

Among them, Jules Bursik and Mipam Guillot, whom you may already know, as well as our third recruit, Roseline Martin, who is taking her first steps with us.

It's a new wave of freshness arriving in our team. Their energy and creativity will infuse new life into our projects and help us prosper.

Jules Bursik

Jules stands out with his ability to think in a structured and logical manner, while still being highly creative. He uses this creativity in his work and projects, making him an excellent addition to our team.

He is joining us as a Junior Full Stack Developer.

Pour en savoir plus sur Jules c’est par là

Mipam Guillot

Mipam is a person with a logical and structured mindset, which allows him to easily understand complex concepts. However, he doesn't limit himself to mere logic ; he also possesses a certain creativity that enables him to design unique and engaging visual environments.

He is joining the team as a Junior Full Stack Developer.

Pour découvrir son profil, suivez ce lien.

Roseline Martin

Roseline demonstrates autonomy and easily adapts to her environment. She leverages her perseverance and creativity to effectively communicate about our projects and news.

She is joining the team as a Junior Digital Marketing Specialist.

To learn more about her, click here.
Welcome to this adventure, Jules, Mipam, and Roseline ! We look forward to collaborating on our upcoming projects together !