It is already time to review 2019, our year in 5 minutes

It is already time for the 2019 review, and what a review... In December 2018, we announced that our objective for 2019 was "to increase our company's consulting share". This has been done, in addition to our design and development activity, we have added the Design Sprints service to our offer. After only one year, we are already convinced that this was an excellent decision.

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Here is a summary of our year 2019!

Design Sprints

Thanks to our new premises, we were able to host approximately ten workshops of different shapes and duration. Whether it is an ideation day, an afternoon of brainstorming, or a week of Design Sprints.

We are extremely pleased with the feedback from our customers, both in terms of our premises and the quality of the workshops we offer.
Two more words about our Design Sprints. During this year we had the opportunity to animate several Design Sprints, with companies that are dear to us. Some of these workshops have supported our collaborations, others have created new ones. One thing is certain, the Design Sprint is not only very effective, but also creates a real human bond between the people involved. We would therefore like to thank in particular the participants of our Design Sprints.
Design Sprints partners' logo

Some of this year's projects

As you may have noticed, this year we have published a lot of content on our website. In addition to the news and our portfolio, we have created a new "Team" page and a personalized page for each MobileThinking employee.
We have also decided to offer quality content through series of articles (~20 minutes of reading per series) aiming at educating visitors on methodologies that are important to us and our business in general. On our website, you will therefore find:
The feedback on our series of articles has been very good, and the statistics on our site prove it. Here is a small comparison 2018-2019: - stats
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What's next?

The objective for 2020 is to increase our company's share of training, mainly through recurrent or occasional courses, while continuing the various customer projects and maintaining the relationship with them at the top of our priorities!

Merry Christmas

The entire MT team wishes you a happy holiday season and thanks you for your loyalty and support.

For your information, we will be closed from December 21 to January 6 to recharge the batteries and attack 2020 at 220%.