Custom development,
what is it?

Dev sur mesure
Do you need a business solution such as a mobile application, software or intranet? Do you want to develop a specific algorithm? The solutions available on the market do not meet your requirements or do not fully cover your needs and constraints? What to do in such a case?

The answer is simple: you must opt for a custom development!

Let's see what this implies and allows, in 4 fundamental steps, with MobileThinking.

Step 1: Gather your needs

To understand each other, we believe that there is nothing like talking face to face. That's why we invite you to our offices (or by videoconference) so that you can present your project in detail.

Through a one-hour consultation, free of charge and without any commitment, you will be able to expose all your needs and constraints.

During our exchange, we bring precise answers to all your questions and explain to you which are the necessary steps for the good development of your project.

After this, we will provide you with an estimated price range for the realization of your project.

Second step: offer you the best technical solution

Following this needs assessment meeting, our experts study your project from all angles. After reflection and consultation, we determine the most appropriate technology stack for your particular case.

Since each project is unique, we make it a point of honor to offer each of our customers a customized solution that meets their needs as closely as possible. And it is our ability to offer you a tailor-made development, perfectly adapted, that sets us apart from the competition!

We have multiple heterogeneous and complementary personal skills. Our technical expertise, coupled with our different technological stacks, allows us to respond to a multitude of problems and to cover a very wide range of customer needs.

If you have a strong technical background, our technical advice will help you make the best possible choice to turn your idea into reality.

Third step: the development phase

MobileThinking Frontend developpement
It's time to customize your solution! If for many projects we recommend the technical stack "Laravel / Vue.js", our development team has a wide range of skills. Also, we obviously master the native classics : Android and iOS.

Moreover, as you know, technological evolutions follow one another at a very high pace nowadays. We are therefore conducting an active watch and we train continuously.

Thus, we always keep our skills at the cutting edge of all new technologies, in order to be able to propose and use them for our customers. In fact, our PhDs and engineers are always happy to deploy their technical expertise to any exciting technological challenge! Even if you are not an IT expert yourself, we are used to communicating with all types of people. So you won't be subjected to incomprehensible IT knowledge from us, but will hear, on the contrary, clear and intelligible explanations.

On the other hand, if you wish to speak directly to the development team dedicated to your project, it is quite possible (and facilitated by the fact that all developments are made in-house in Geneva).

Last step: regular follow-up with the client

In our custom development approach, we maintain regular contact with the client.

This allows us to present all the intermediate steps and to adapt them if the need arises. Of course, all structuring decisions are made in consultation with the client. This agile working method allows : 
  • to make adjustments very quickly,
  • to eliminate any misunderstanding,
  • avoid unnecessary backtracking and other waste of time 
To plan, initiate and implement the project efficiently, as well as to facilitate communication and follow-up, we favor, for example, the use of ticketing tools like Gitlab.

An example? The Happiness Agency!

We have developed the LilPulse system from Happiness Agency.
LilPulse in 2 words: Accessible from any type of terminal, it is an innovative application that allows managers to improve the well-being of employees, via a weekly survey that is both quick and personalized. Moreover, it allows everyone to see the results of the previous week's survey.
Following the requirements gathering, MobileThinking proposed and then developed, on demand, a web management tool and web applications, iOS and Android, in hybrid technology with Angular and Capacitor. The backend server is developed in Laravel and VueJS. To know everything about this project, visit the dedicated page LilPulse!


Custom development means providing a specific response to the client's needs. But beware: this type of approach requires your regular involvement. MobileThinking has to its credit more than 80 projects successfully completed thanks to our custom development approach, and this, for the greatest satisfaction of our customers!