Project LilPulse - Happiness Agency

The Happiness Agency is an agency whose mission is to improve the well-being of employees. They defend the idea that companies must provide a healthy, adapted and benevolent work environment to their teams. Human relations at work have drastically evolved with the COVID crisis.

Their observation is the following: It is more important than ever to strengthen communication and involvement of teams and to reinforce the feedback culture. To learn more, you can read our interview with the Happiness Agency here.

What is the LilPulse application

LilPulse is the first Swiss application to "take the pulse" of a team's employees, through a personalized weekly survey.

Accessible from the mobile, the tablet or the office, employees and managers can access the team's "weather forecast" every week. This weather forecast reflects the results of last week's survey and will help managers in their decision making for the good of the team! 

Our contribution

We have been mandated by the Happiness Agency to develop the whole solution. This solution consists of a web management tool and LilPulse web, IOS and android applications.

The mobile applications allow employees to answer weekly questions, to consult their weekly results, their global results, and to compare everything to the rest of the team. A manager can prepare a personalized question for his colleagues to answer during the next questionnaire. Since the app is not resource intensive, we chose to develop it in hybrid technology with the Angular framework for the view templates and Capacitor to package and deploy the application. This approach allows us to develop (almost) only once and to deploy on the web android and IOS platforms!

The frontend will communicate with a backend server developed in Laravel and VueJS. This stack is the one we use the most in our web projects because it greatly facilitates the management of routes or communication with the database. An administrator has access to this backend in order to manage the companies, the managers of each company or the questionnaire.  




Development in progress


Development of the LilPulse ecosystem


Ionic Angular Capacitor Laravel vueJS




Next step

The application will be available at launch this summer, contact us to be among the first to test it!

We would also like to thank Nadia Verlyck and Gautier Huppe for their trust and look forward to future collaborations.
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