What are our development
methods and approaches?

At MobileThinking, we are a team of experts in business solution development. With our varied and complementary skills, we accompany you in your project from the ideation phase to its production, through its design and technical realization. To understand our approach, here are a few details on the steps that mark out our development process.
MobileThinking Frontend developpement

The collection of functional requirements

We collect all your functional needs during a one-hour consulting session (free of charge and without any commitment on your part). In our offices or by videoconference, depending on your preference, you explain the scope of your project, and present us in detail your functional needs as well as your technical constraints.
During this preliminary meeting, our team is at your disposal to advise you on the technical direction to take. This is the time to put all your questions on the table, whether they concern :
  • our mode of operation ;
  • our skills ;
  • our references ;
  • the different possibilities available to you in terms of application or web development. 
We assure you that you will not leave without clear and understandable answers!
Thanks to this fruitful exchange, as well as to the experience accumulated since 2014, we are able to identify the scope of the work to be done. We will then provide you with an initial estimate of the price that will be required to complete your project.

The decision making of the technology stack

stack techno
With the details you provide during this consulting point, we can then decide which technology stack is best suited to meet the functional needs of your project.

Indeed, we want to treat each project uniquely, and offer a truly customized solution and development. Depending on the needs, the development technology car vary: 
  • Laravel ;
  • Angular ;
  • VueJS ;
  • Kotlin ;
  • iOS Swift ;
  • Ionic ;
To name a few, they are part of our extensive technical background. At MobileThinking, we have multiple and complementary skills.

Thanks to this technical expertise, based on our extensive experience and continuous training, we are able to advise on the technological stack that best suits our clients' needs.

Technologies to be used, data model, architecture, server and client application interactions, design integration in the user interface, everything is defined during this phase.

Finally, you should know that we prefer to work on mature technologies, because they are obviously more reliable and have a wider range of tools.

The creation of the development team

The development team is then defined thanks to the technological stack chosen to carry out the mission. Indeed, each of us has particular technological affinities (mobile development, web, software, web application).

We therefore modulate the team so that each project benefits from the best possible skills from its launch.

We pay particular attention to this aspect, because the development phase of an application is essential to ensure its success. And if you're wondering how long your project can be developed by MobileThinking, we can provide you with an estimate within a week of the feasibility study.

The start of the development process

The project is then modularized into a list of tasks sorted by functionality. These tasks are assigned to one or more members of the development team, depending on their skills.

The development of each task is then carried out in a sequential manner. Once developed, each task is directly tested and corrected if necessary. When the implementation is in conformity with the specifications, the task is noted as validated.

Planning the implementation of the functionalities, actual implementation, testing: this modular way of working allows you to move forward quickly and to control each step in an agile manner, rather than testing everything en bloc at the end of a global development.

Regular contact between the development team and the client

In order to work in synergy, it is very important to us, not to say crucial, that the client stays in advanced contact with the development team. At MobileThinking, we recommend at least twice a month. In fact, according to our experience on numerous projects already completed, this is the minimum frequency to be efficient.

During this bi-monthly contact point, you have access to the development status of your project, and we can gather your feedback. By doing this at the beginning of the development process, we can take into account your remarks and other requests as we go along. We turn them into tasks and the development process starts again in a smooth and efficient loop.


Our working methods require a real involvement of the customer throughout the project, this close collaboration bringing many advantages. Coupled with a qualitative development and tested along the way, it is the guarantee of the full satisfaction of the project owner, the experience of many projects being the proof! Whatever you wish to implement, do not hesitate to ask for your free hour of consultation and benefit from our expertise!