Final review of the AVENUE H2020 project

It's already the end 🚌 ! 👇

Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 was the final review of the #h2020 Avenue Project supported by CINEA - European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency!

2 intense days that allowed us at MobileThinking SARL (through Kevin Salvi) to expose its contribution as well as the huge societal, political and technological breakthrough that this project has brought in the universe of #autonomousvehicles.

All deliverables are public and can be downloaded from the official project website 🆓. We hope that this will make a difference to any stakeholder in the field. Our partner, the tpg public transport of Geneva being present at the Cité des métiers, we took the opportunity to measure the attraction that these vehicles have for our young generations! Special thanks to Melisa Fazlic and Jeroen A. Beukers for organising the visit.

After 4 years of experience, we are convinced that autonomous vehicles will be an integral part of our #future. 
All deliverables and results can be found directly on the official project website:
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 769033