MobileThinking strengthens its team and bets on the future

We are delighted to announce the arrival of two new talents within the MobileThinking team! Jules and Mipam, two young web development enthusiasts, have joined our ranks as part of their CREA school internship.
With their dynamism and creativity, these two newcomers will bring a breath of fresh air and innovation to our team. We are convinced that their contribution will be of great value for all our future projects.

Mipam Guillot

Mipam is a logical and structured thinker, which allows him to understand complex concepts easily. However, he is not content with mere logic, he also has a certain creativity that allows him to design unique and captivating graphic environments. 

To discover his profile, follow this link.

Jules Bursik

Jules has a logical, structured way of thinking, but also very creative, he loves to be able to create and imagine a graphic environment around an idea.

Development is a good mix of these different skills and allows this creativity to come alive through different media.

To find out more about Jules it's this way
At MobileThinking, we are proud to support the training of young talent and to offer them the opportunity to work on ambitious projects. We welcome Jules and Mipam and look forward to working with them in the coming months!