TPG - Survey tool

Geneva's public transport company contacted us to develop a web application for reporting information.

Accessible from a QR code, it allows a user to report a damage, to give an opinion on a vehicle, a room or a stop. The users' answers are collected through a survey that they answer. The survey questions are different depending on the type of QR code scanned.

Our contribution

The solution

The user, from a vehicle, at a TPG stop or in a room, can scan a highlighted QR code in order to provide information about his current situation or give his opinion on the service.

The QR code redirects the user to a web application that presents him with a questionnaire, which contains all the information necessary to identify the user's context.

The user is then asked to answer the questions related to his situation and can give his opinion in the form of a note. Once completed, the answers are sent to the server and stored in the database.

When the user scans the QR code, he connects to the web service which sends a request to the server with the QR code information: URL, type of the scanned entity. With this information, the server makes the link between the type of the entity and prepares the questions to be displayed in the application.

From a design point of view

Before developing the solution, we elaborated its design and proposed several options to the customer by privileging the "Mobile First" approach.
After their validation, we proceeded to the development of the solution.

D’un point de vue Technique

The frontend developed in VueJS will communicate with a backend server developed in Laravel. This stack is the one we use the most in our web projects because it greatly facilitates the management of routes and communication with the database.



En phase de tests


Conception et développement de l'outil de remontée d'information


Vuejs Laravel



What next?

The tool is being tested internally by the tpg and will soon be available to the general public! If you happen to encounter a QRCode in a streetcar or at a tpg stop, chances are you will be redirected to our application!
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