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In February 2021, we had the opportunity to do a design workshop with the JoHdi team in order to design the Eval tool. The goal of this workshop was to answer the following question: "How can we give the employees of a company the possibility to evaluate themselves and to become aware of their level of competence? During this session, we developed the first sketches of what is now Eval, a tool for evaluating employees within a company. As a reminder, JoHdi had commissioned us in 2016 to develop their Swiss talent recruitment platform.

Eval - The simple and efficient evaluation tool

With the Eval tool, HR can create forms that are used to create evaluations. Depending on the purpose of the form, HR can determine whether the appraisal requires consolidation between the appraiser and the appraisee, and whether the appraisee needs to validate the final scores of the appraisal before it is turned in.
johdi flexEval view
A form is composed of sections, which are visible or not depending on the choice of HR. Each section is composed of questions created as follows.
Flex eval view
Once the form is created, it can be assigned to an evaluation when it is created.
Flexeval - plan
Those involved in the assessment, both appraisees and appraisers, will receive an email notification inviting them to review the assessment and complete it before the deadline. Assigning a color and a deadline to the evaluation will allow HR to see at a glance the upcoming events thanks to the calendar on the top right.

Finally, in the "Appraisal" tab, the administrator will be able to view all appraisals (active and archived) and see the results of the employees.
FlexEval - eval cards

From a technical point of view

The frontend developed in VueJs and Inertia will communicate with a backend server developed in Laravel. This stack is the one we use the most in our web projects because it greatly facilitates the management of routes or communication with the database.

IDP - Cross-platform authentication

We have developed an SSO authentication system for all solutions, allowing the user to log in once and have access to the different platforms. The solution uses SAML protocol and is developed and run on a Laravel backend and a VueJs - Inertia frontend.
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Design and development of a company's employee assessment solution


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