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What is HappyKid.ch ?

The only local online cultural and leisure calendar specifically for kids and families – HappyAgenda

A monthly bilingual newsletter – HappyKidNews

A community of 5,500+ local and international families – members of the HappyKidClub & HappyKid fans

More than 2,275 useful news, information and contacts selected in 7 aspects of our families’ lives:

- HappyActivities : playgrounds, museums, classes and workshops during the school year;
- HappyBirthday : fun animations, decoration, venues, contacts and useful links;
- HappyCamper : camps, day-camps and workshops during the school holidays;
- HappyBaby : BBshower, photographers, gift ideas, helpful contacts, massages, pre- and post-natal yoga… ;
- HappyFood : kids-friendly restaurants, cooking workshops for little chefs;
- HappyHelp : help with education and parenting issues, BBsitting, nannies, experts, useful websites, networks, organisations and contacts (formerly MaryPoppinsBag).

Bright, quick-thinking, reliable and responsive, the MT team is a great partner : not only did they advise us on the best solutions to solve our website problems (and there were many) but each of the members is also a very trustworthy, dedicated and professional person with whom working is a pleasure. I recommend them warmly.

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Isabella Siddiqi

Our contribution

Few month ago we took over the HappyKid website. The goal was to update the Drupal version and to make it responsive without touching the design for now. Through several iteration we managed to migrate the core Drupal as well as all the necessary modules. On top of this, we cleaned up the backend of the website in order to make it more robust and fast. The website is huge and contains so much data (activities) that optimization became a big part of the work.

We are proud to be part of this amazing concept that helps tonnes of young (or less young) parents in Switzerland. We strongly recommand you to take a look at all the great activities that are listed.




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