What do the blockchain, good cuisine and a Unicorn have in common?

LOGO Atable blockchain game crypto
We are proud to develop with ou partners at EverdreamSoft the first crypto game about food and cute monsters: the yummies! À table! is a decentralised game based on the ethereum blockchain.

MobileThinking's role in A Table development

MobileThinking was responsible to develop the front end part using Angular framework. Plus, we’ve done the connection with the ethereum Smartcontract using the javascript Ethereum API Web3js.

The application had to be responsive as you are able to connect to it via your phone with a mobile decentralised app (Dapp) browser like CasaTookan.

We also participated in the development concept of the overall application by doing consulting meetings and being advisors for our partner.

We are very proud of the experience we shared with them and we are still sharing! 
Atable blockchain game crypto

The Game

A marketplace will be available and will allow you to buy and sell yummies secured in the Blockchain using Smartcontract (Insure real digital property of your asset). Buying new ones or create a completely new species by breeding your yummy with one another!

The breeding result will be a unique Yummy stored in the Blockchain with his own characteristics. It will also share some attributes with his parents...just like in real life!

This new Yummy can be sold for ether or played within the upcoming exploration game.

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Front-end development
Ethereum Smartcontract connection


Front - Node, Angular, Web3js
Smartcontracts: Solidity