What is DITOs (Doing It Together Science) ?

Doing It Together Science (DITOs) is organizing many innovative events across Europe focusing on the active involvement of citizens in Citizen Science. In Doing It Together Science universities and research institutions work together with science galleries, museums and art institutions to engage people with citizen science in Europe. More than 500 innovative workshops, exhibitions, and activities are organized in nine countries in Europe. With this project the eleven European partners intend to show that citizen science is an accessible and fun way to explore the world around you.

Our Contribution - The Map

The Map we built is showing live the contribution of every individual around the world. It covers 3 types of projects. Volunteer Thinking, Volunteer Sensing and Volunteer Computing.We get each contribution in a geolocalised way on Elasticsearch and then display it on a map. The purpose of this map is to highlight the results of these projects. It allows at a glance to realize the magnitude of the contributions around the world.
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University of Geneva




HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. Elasticsearch