New interactive map for the Medicines Patent Pool organization

Medicines Patent Pool is a public health organization supported by the United Nations, whose mission is to improve access to life-saving medicines and facilitate their development in low- and middle-income countries.

Moving forward with their digitale transformation and the redesign of their website, MPP (Medecines Patent Pool) wanted to present, in an interactive way, the work done around access to medicines and their licensing management. To do this, MPP came up with the idea of presenting this information in the form of an interactive map that allows users to view product information and track progress by region or country.  

For this project, we developed this interactive map, from design to implementation and complex data management. We are very happy with the result and the ease of use.

We are very pleased with the work and availability of the MobileThinking team, who has helped us in developing a brand new feature on our website and is always reliable and very responsive. We recommend working with them!

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Data integration and imports

One of the main complexities of this project lies in the integration of data from various sources, for example, or, in several formats.

We have provided the MPP with a very simple management tool allowing them to import new data, but also to manage information related to the drugs managed by the MPP. In addition, the data imports are timed, allowing the information on a timeline displayed in the interactive map to evolve.

The interactive card

The main purpose of this map is to disseminate the work of the MPP organization to as many people as possible. It allows the user to consult the evolution of the situation, how medicines are authorized, or in the process of being authorized, country by country. The work of the MPP focuses on low-middle income countries and on drugs to combat Hepatitis C and HIV.

One of the complexities of this map lies in the legal aspect of things and more particularly in the way the information is presented. It was essential to remain faithful to the standards imposed by the United Nations. In addition, in order to provide high quality work, we spent a lot of time understanding the business knowledge related to MPP work and licensing.

The map also makes it possible to follow the evolution of the data on a timeline. Indeed, new data imports will be added several times a year, making it possible to monitor the evolution or progression of drug availability over time. It is also possible to save the displayed result as a PDF file, displaying the text information and the map.

Finally, the map was developed with the aim of being able to integrate it as an iframe on the new website of the MPP organisation.


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Data processing and development of the interactive map.


Laravel, VueJS, jVectorMap




What's next?

Find this interactive map on the MPP website here:

Looking ahead, the MPP already foresees many new features to this interactive map, including more sources, and more filtering possibilities.
You too can go through the digital transformation with us!