What is the Citizen Science Project Builder?

The Citizen Science Project Builder is an online tool that allows researchers, students and all members of the public to create and manage Citizen Science projects.

In Citizen Science projects, volunteer contributors ("citizens") and scientists work together to produce scientific knowledge. Projects can take many different forms, from classifying images of snakes to transcribing handwritten German dialects, from collecting water samples to taking pictures of insects and plants. If you would like to know more about citizen science (including a comprehensive list of existing projects), please visit the official website of the Citizen Science Center.

Our contribution

The web interface of the CS Project Builder is inspired by the now abandoned Crowdcrafting platform. Its implementation is based on the open source crowdsourcing framework PyBossa. The code is publicly available under the organization "CitizenScienceCenter" on Github.

For this project, we created a 100% VueJS client interfaces that call the Pybossa's APIs. 


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Adaptation and deployment of the Pybossa Framework






What's next?

This project is in a way a base on which we are building to create various new projects around Citizen Science. In the coming weeks, we will be able to officially present one of them to you.
An idea for a digital project? We are here to help you.