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Our story with the Moser school started with a Design Sprint that you can discover in a post here. Following this, we worked closely together to design the Family Portal so dear to the philosophy of the Moser School.

Indeed, the school is positioning itself as a pioneer in the digitalization of education, and therefore, it was important for them to have a portal dedicated to the family of students allowing them to follow the evolution of their children in all transparency and at all times during the school year.

What is the Family Portal ?

The Family Portal contains multiple tools available to parents so that they can follow the evolution of their children. For example, they have access at all times to administrative documents, as well as their children's grades and schedules.

In addition to the purely academic aspects, it was very important for the management of Moser School to highlight the aspects of Life at School such as the activities offered by the school for students and direct access to the contacts of each student's entire supervision team. 

Our role

Our role was to support the school's administrative and technical staff in the design of this tool and to develop it.

With several experiences in the school field, we have opted for a development using the Liferay framework, which makes it possible to set up complex architecture portals (which is the case with the Moser school) while offering a robust and modern experience.

Obviously, the entire portal is responsive and can therefore be consulted from a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. 

What's next?

We are very happy with the feedback received at the launch of the Family Portal. Parents share their feelings, but also wishes, possible improvements and comments. This is of great value to the Moser School, as well as to us, MobileThinking. This allows us to consider future improvements of this portal based on real needs expressed directly by the users of the platform.

This is exactly how we like to work!!!!! Put in production an excellent tool co-designed by the various actors of the project, then make it evolve according to the needs and desires of the users. To learn more about this way of designing a Web and Mobile application, you can read our series of articles on the subject.

We would also like to thank the entire Moser School team with whom we collaborated on this project. We are very pleased with the trust they have placed in us and with the new collaborations to come.


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Portal conception and development




Jeremy Obriot - École Moser


2018 - 2019


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