The Fluxum foundation was created in 2002 with the aim of developing culture with a particular focus on dance, in Switzerland and abroad. Based in Geneva, the foundation accompanies and promotes artistic projects and puts in touch the different institutions and actors of the field.

Since 2003, the Fluxum Foundation has been producing contemporary dance performances, artistic performances and visual arts and design exhibitions.

What is the Fluxum project

In 2019, the foundation wishes to valorize its artistic productions accumulated since all its years and contacts in this direction Ulrich Fischer.

After having made the turn of their need, Ulrich defines the problematic of the project as follows: "To be able to present via a digital interface the 'flow', the movement that goes from the creative act to society, and from society into the gestures of the creators."

Ulrich called on our expertise to accompany the foundation in its digital transformation and to develop their new interface.  

Notre contribution

Fluxum website gif

La solution

The project started with a work of centralization, structuring and linking of the data, a new process of management of the productions was elaborated.

We have accompanied the Fluxum Foundation in this work through several sessions of workshops and reflections and have designed the database accordingly.

The management of its data is done with the web tool Airtable. Once the structured data and the new media management process were elaborated, we conceptualized the technical architecture of the solution.
Fluxum - architecture

The backoffice

We have developed a backoffice tool that will link the data on Airtable to the foundation's website. An administrator user of the backoffice can synchronize the data to make it appear in the tool in order to increase it.
fluxum back office
From there, he is free to modify what is posted on the public site. Which work, which artist, with which priority, being part of which project, etc. The backoffice is a CMS for editing the data that appears on the Fluxum site and more particularly on the site's homepage.
fluxum back office homepage construction

The frontoffice

After several design workshops with the project's design manager Vera Van de Seyp, a mock-up was established and presented to the foundation. After its validation, we proceeded to the development of the front office site.
The homepage, which is built from the backoffice, presents the foundation's projects as a "constellation" of events. This is accompanied by an advanced search function.
Fluxum Recherche

From a technical point of view

The frontend and the back office are not dissociated in terms of project, but the access to the back office is restricted to the administrators of the Fluxum Foundation. This project is developed with the Laravel and VueJs stack. 


Fluxum gif


In production fluxum.ch


Design and development of the tool for the valorization of artistic heritage 


Vuejs Laravel


Thanks to Ulrich Fischer for asking us to bring our technical expertise to this project. You can read his personal experience with this project in the article he wrote at https://ulrichfischer.net/2021/01/28/strategie-digitale-pour-la-fondation-fluxum/
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