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Sur les chemins de l’inclusion…

This project was carried out within the Institute of Sport Sciences (ISSUL/SSP), Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, at the University of Lausanne.

Sur les chemins de l'inclusion (In the Paths of Inclusion) is a research led by Anne Marcellini, conducted at the University of Lausanne in partnership with the Data and Archives Department of the Radio Télévision Suisse romande (RTS).

A team of sociologists examined over 300 films from the RTS archives, produced between 1956 and 2020. Access to digitized RTS archives allowed for the (re)discovery of fascinating stories. In a spirit of contribution, participation, and inclusivity, this research team aimed to share these images and engage in discussions with groups affected by situations of disability.

The client's initial need

The goal was to create an online platform dedicated to cataloging video capsules, shedding light on the various disabilities present in today's society. The vision behind this project was to raise awareness among the public about the realities faced by people with disabilities, to foster inclusion, and to promote a deeper understanding of the challenges these individuals may encounter in their daily lives.

What was our approach ?

We decided to use data from Airtable (an online database management tool) to meet the client's needs. However, this was a technical challenge as Airtable is a highly permissive data management system, which may cause certain issues if specific measures are not implemented.

During the design phase, it was necessary to establish a connection between various types of media (RTS archives, archive excerpts, etc.) to offer visitors a clearer hierarchy and navigation of video types.

There were some technical challenges, especially creating an interactive chatbot on the site's homepage and integrating a dynamic chaptering system through video descriptions on YouTube and Vimeo.


Our solution meets the client's initial need, which is to offer a platform containing RTS archives, allowing users to search among them or be guided by the chatbot's recommendations to discover them.

In conclusion

The collaboration proceeded very positively. The client expressed great satisfaction with our work and the final outcome. We maintained a constant relationship with the Chemins de l'inclusion (Paths of Inclusion) team, which significantly contributed to the optimal project flow.

We are very happy with the final result and delighted to have contributed to highlighting such an important subject.


Chemins de l'inclusion


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