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SWAPIN is a venture we started at the end of 2017 with Loris Di Nardo Di Maio, James McGill and Yonas Abraham. We like their project so much that we decided to invest in SWAPIN as MobileThinking. We are now officially partners and are extremely proud of the work we all did to put SWAPIN in the market.

After having a bad experience with another local mobile application developer, we were instantly impressed by the Mobile Thinking team. The contrast was obvious from the get-go.

Our first meeting together was mostly about answering dozens of extremely pertinent questions about our project (swapin.ch). IT and technical details were placed on the back-burner. I thought it was very good indicator of a professional approach and they confirmed this impression later on. The scope of our MVP was defined in a couple of hours only and we barely had to rework it the draft during the development.

This diverse and skillful team has really their client interests at heart: They were strongly involved in the understanding what we wanted to achieve and were proactive in making suggestions to improve our approach. In the end, they managed to deliver a clean and well-built app, compatible with web browsers, Android and iOS.

We definitely recommend their services to anyone who needs a reliable partner to develop mobile applications.

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James McGill


SWAPIN won the first price at the AIDEAS pitching contest that was held at the University of Geneva the 3rd of May 2018. This win will give us direct access to the second round of the MassChallenge Switzerland.


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The Goal

SWAPIN helps you in your search for the perfect flat: It will find opportunities you won't find anywhere else.

Flip the flat you rent with someone to increase your options!
Uncovers the markets' hidden offers.
Get notified instantly of the best opportunities!
Mobile by design. No more endless flat listings spam in your inbox.
You have an idea but you don't know where to start?
Feel free to contact us whatever the stage of your project!