Our new services

After more than four years of existence, we have slightly reoriented the services of MobileThinking. With the experience gained, we have established the four most important points for our customers.
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First meeting

We noticed that a large number of our customers have trouble getting started. They often fear "not knowing enough" or think that we, developers, are a complicated species to talk to.

So we decided to focus on this first meeting to highlight the fact that starting an adventure that can change your life is ultimately extremely simple. Just contact us, come and have a coffee and explain your project in a few words.

Still doubting? Follow the link to read more: https://mobilethinking.ch/first-meeting-to-start-your-application/?lang=en

Design Workshops

The second concept that we want to put forward is Application Conception. Indeed, this phase is often neglected in our field, although it often represents the phase that defines the success (or failure) of your product / service.

It would not occur to you to build a house without making a call to an architect would it?

In order meet all types of needs, we have designed several workshop formats ranging from 1 to 5 days. The idea is to leave the conception phase out of the initial development estimate, which often allows you to save money in the long run.

You will find a complete description of our Workshops here: https://mobilethinking.ch/sprint-design-workshops/?lang=en


Not much has changed in this respect, except our increased professionalization in terms of the development process.

You will see on our page dedicated to Mobile and Web Application Development that technical descriptions are very rare. We understand that this is not what interests you. Just let the magic happen. So, again, in case you have an idea or envy, pick up your phone and dial +41 22 342 33 88. This is where it all starts.

If you would like to know more about our methods, visit this page: https://mobilethinking.ch/applications-mobile-web-development-achieve/?lang=en
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The fourth and last service that we put forward is training. Whether you are an entrepreneur, project manager or developer, we have trainings that may interest you. We are currently finalizing some of them in order to respond quickly to requests that have already reached us.

Our trainings will allow you to acquire new skills (IT Project Management, Blockchain, technologies, etc.) in small classes of up to 10 people with the same interests as you.

If you are curious, discover the list of courses we will offer. To pre-register, simply go to the page below, select the courses that interest you and leave us your email address.