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Things are moving fast and it's not always easy to keep up. Learn with us. Through several courses we can help you increase your level of expertise in several IT related fields.

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You are an entrepreneur, and you have to manage and interact with your IT development  team?

You are responsible for an IT project within your company and you have to make important technological decisions?

You have an idea to introduce Blockchain in your business and want to learn the basics (and not so basics)?

You want your team members (or yourself) to expand their technical views and skills, did you hear about coding dojo?

Over the time we've identified our clients' greatest barriers and decided to act on them. Therefore we are organizing trainings on the most challenging areas.

Key advantages

- Learn new skills with experts that use the methods they teach on a daily basis.

- Networking with experts in your field of activity.

- Get direct information in small classes (less than 10 people) in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Show your interest and stay informed about upcoming sessions!

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