H2020 Avenue - New article on swissinfo.ch
The slow but steady progress of driverless buses in Switzerland

AVENUE traveler app
A great article, very complete on the work in progress on the Belle-idée site for our European project AVENUE.

We work daily in close collaboration with TPG, Bestmile, Navya and the 12 other project partners.

To save you time, here is the part of the article that talks about our work:

"Testing, testing

This summer, a small team began testing the ten-seater vehicles, mapping out the huge Belle-Idée park and its obstacles. In parallel, a Geneva-based start-up, MobileThinking, has been putting the finishing touches to an app that will be tried out by the first passengers before the end of the year.

Then when the project is up and running in the next couple of years, patients, visitors and staff will be able to get around the sprawling complex by using their smartphone to order one of three buses offering a 24-hour on-demand door-to-door service.

Users will be able to locate a bus via the app, then send a pick-up request. Software will indicate when a bus is available and what the journey time will be. A fleet management system will then adapt the vehicle’s route according to other passenger requests.

The idea is to have a completely automated system with a safety operator back at a central depot monitoring the vehicles, says Jeroen Beukers, an autonomous vehicle expert who is running the project for the Geneva public transport authorities (TPG).

“Next week we are installing electric doors on the bus depot. In the future, you’ll make a booking on your phone, the depot doors will open automatically, a charged bus will pick you up from A and take you to B and then either return to the depot or continue onwards to pick up someone else,” he says.



This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 769033