It's the beginning of the academic year at CREA,
but it's also the Bachelor's degree in
Web and applications development presentations.

It's back to school at CREA Geneva, for the students, but also for Kevin Salvi who takes his position as Co-Director of the Bachelor in Web Development and Application.

Thank you to the whole CREA team for the very warm welcome they gave him. MobileThinking is as happy as Kevin is about this future collaboration.

To learn more about this Bachelor's degree which aims to propel you on the job market in three years, please click
Kevin Salvi a CREA Genève
Kevin has already gotten to the heart of the matter by being a member of the jury for the final years of the Bachelor's degree in Web and Applications Development .

It was an intense day that allowed Kevin to evaluate the students' progress and what they are capable of in just three years. It's impressive, probably because of the quality of the teaching, but also because of the very practical aspect of this Bachelor's degree, which allows students to get their hands in the mud on the first day of the first year of the Bachelor's degree.

We are very happy to join the administrative team via Kevin, but also the teaching team via Mattia and Hassan!