Why your application idea won’t be as successful as expected

Why your application idea won't be as successful as expected

You have an application idea and your objective is to get it up and running as quickly as possible and to make it a great success. So, you go head first, thinking that you will create an “innovative” product, without considering the needs of your future users.

But shortly after, you start to ask yourself some questions: “Why aren’t my users signing up for my application? “, ” Why don’t they use this or that feature? “. The answer may simply be that you didn’t take the time to validate your product in the right way.

Having a “revolutionary” idea is good. Expressing it is good. But validating it the right way is better!

As specialists in the field, more specifically in consulting, conception and development of digital projects, we found a very interesting article on this topic with recommendations on what to do or not to do.

We invite you to discover it here: https://thenextweb.com/contributors/2018/11/10/why-your-app-idea-is-just-meh-and-wont-succeed/

In order to avoid certain mistakes that can be costly when designing your product, we offer conception workshops.

The objective, while going through these different workshops, is to advise and support you during the different stages of the development of your project.

If you have an idea for a Web or mobile application, we would be delighted to welcome you for 1 hour, in our offices, so that you can present your idea to us! This meeting will allow you to better understand the necessary steps in the development of your product, depending on the maturity of your project.