In a single line

The automotive market is constantly evolving from a technological point of view. Not a week goes by without the announcement of new technologies or the development of new autonomous vehicles.

Is this a long-lasting fashionable phenomenon or is it simply a turmoil in the world of mobility and transport?

Fascinated by this new technology and as part of the European project Avenue H2020 - for which we are responsible for creating the services that will support the users of the autonomous shuttles - we would like to share with you an article that we found interesting and that deals with the subject of Apple's innovation in the field of autonomous electric vehicles.

In cycling, the principle of “pack” consists in riding in a single line in a group, in order to break the wind resistance. The cyclist at the head of the line is exposed, from the front, to the air and allows the whole group, which is behind him, to benefit from a protective dynamic and therefore to save energy.

But then what could it be?

After the safety seat ( and the smart windshield (, what could Apple have invented again to simplify or secure our vehicle journeys?

We invite you to discover it here (source):

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