Happiness Agency

"In a business, engagement is the strength of the bond between an employer and its employees". We are very pleased to introduce you to the Happiness Agency! They bring an innovative digital solution to develop engagement and encourage collective intelligence. We are currently working on the development of their mobile applications "Lil Pulse". We tell you more about them through their interview below. Enjoy the interview!
mobilethinking and happiness agency

Who are you?

We are two founders: Nadia Verlyck and Gautier Huppe. We defend the idea that companies today have the obligation to offer their teams a healthy, adapted and benevolent work environment. This conviction is sincere, as must be the motivation of the organizations we will accompany.

We are going to move the lines and recommend that the level of well-being and commitment of its employees be included in the assessment of each company. What could be more revealing of the health of a structure?

With her experience as an art director in an agency and an advertiser, Nadia has the ability to design immersive, unique, user-friendly and highly effective experiences.

As for Gautier, he has many years of experience managing and coaching teams in multinational companies.

And we are above all... very happy to collaborate with the MobileThinking team! 

How did you come up with your idea?

The world of work (or corporate life) has been completely turned upside down. No more kisses at the coffee machine. No more discussions in the corridors. No more smoke breaks. Thanks to whom? Thank you "Covid"... but not only. The health crisis has certainly had an impact on our working methods, but the need to change our "traditional" ways of working was there long before that. The arrival of new generations in permanent search of meaning is an example.

What is your observation?

More than ever, organizations must take the human factor into consideration and equip themselves with adapted, efficient and profitable tools to communicate and involve their teams. Annual surveys are no longer enough and the feedback culture must be reinforced.

Happiness Agency is the first Swiss agency to offer a digital solution to "take the pulse" of teams, on a regular basis and accessible both on the desktop and on mobile via our application. Our surveys are personalized, fast and adapted to the reality of the retail, hospital and transport sectors as well as to teams in offices or home offices. Every week, teams have access to their weather forecast.

Managers are supported and guided in their decision making. You give them the means to identify in a few minutes the answers to their questions and the level of well-being of their employees. This constructive and benevolent exchange allows for better communication and sharing of both strengths and areas for improvement. You set up a continuous improvement process to reinforce the cohesion and efficiency of the teams.

Because the "Lil Pulse" solution must be a real experience on both mobile and desktop, we entrusted the MobileThinking team with our baby. They are in charge of the technical development, allowing us to offer a functional solution that can be accessed both via a URL and from the Apple and Google stores. That's it! Today, there is no doubt that we are working with the right people, aware of the stakes and aligned with the convictions that drive us. 
HappinessAgency team and project
This new project is particularly close to our hearts, not only because the concept is innovative but also because Lil Pulse will certainly be a tool that we will use in our daily lives. To learn more about Happiness Agency, you can visit their website: