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Organizing events can be a tedious task. Managing the list of guests, of organizers, choosing a date and a place, defining the program or even passing on information to participants are tasks that can quickly be overlooked unless we have the right tools at our disposal.

In September 2017, we won the competition for an event management tool for the CICG (Centre International de Conférences de Genève) and its mobile applications. We successfully completed this project and deployed the mobile applications on the stores. 

The solution

This experience in collaboration with the CICG allowed us to become aware of the difficulties related to the organization of events. That's why we decided to create a customizable digital solution for organizers. The objective of the solution is to support the organizer in his tasks of event management with a back office tool. This tool allows him to communicate all the desired information to the participants of the event on their mobile application with a simple click.

Our solution consists of two applications: a management tool for organizers and a web and mobile application for participants.

Organizers back office

The applications for the participants are powered by an event management tool. This tool has been developed entirely according to the needs of the organizers.
This tool allows organizers to manage all data and information related to one or more events, for example:
  • General information about the event
  • Management of sessions, documents, locations and rooms
  • Communication channel (news and notifications)
  • Management of participants
  • Satisfaction and survey form
The organizer can also delegate the organization of a single event by creating user accounts with restricted access rights. All this information is centralized in the management tool and synchronized with the applications.

Participants application

The application allows you to share with the participants of an event all the information recorded in the management tool.

Our product offers you the possibility to have mobile and web applications with your brand logo, name and colors over which you have full control. A powerful marketing tool that gives real added value to your events and participants.
The participant can access information about the events to which they have been invited, see the program and the sessions, see general practical information written by the organizers and receive notifications directly on their smartphone. Sessions can be saved as favorites, allowing users to compose their own agendas during the event. Finally, participants can contact other participants.

Note that they have full control over their profile and can decide whether or not to be contacted or even to be visible. As the application complies with RGPD standards, it allows each user to download, modify or delete their personal information from the application at any time.


Professionals can find it a tedious task to organize an event if they do not have the right tools. Our solution, developed directly with event organizers, greatly facilitates this task since it allows to:
  • Centralize and manage event information in a digital tool
  • Organize the program and sessions
  • Delegate the organization and delimit roles
  • Provide statistics related to participants
  • Create a direct communication channel with guests/customers
  • Increase your organization's digital presence with applications on IOS/Android stores with your brand logo, name and colors
The tools of the solution are fully customized to your image! We can also address your specific needs and features by developing custom modules to add new functionality.

So if you are an event agency, a professional event organizer, or want to organize events within your company, opt for a complete digital solution and let yourself be guided by its ease of use!

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