Nathan Poncet - Full Stack Intern

His formation

Nathan obtained a scientific baccalaureate with a specialization in computer science and digital science.

He then decided to integrate the bachelor's degree in web and application development at Crea Geneva in order to deepen his knowledge of the web universe with which he was already very familiar.

Following a first internship as a front-end developer at SQLI Lausanne where he was able to gain a first professional experience, he chose to join our company with the objective of developing his vision of the company.
Nathan Poncet cropped

@ MobileThinking

Nathan is very rigorous and logical in his work, he likes structured and organized projects, it is for him the most effective methodology to express his creativity and to realize projects always more challenging.

Going out of his comfort zone is his credo, he is an adventurer in life who seeks to constantly develop himself.

An internship at Mobile Thinking is for him the opportunity to evolve mainly in Back-end programming but also to develop new skills related to the world of computing and business.

As a person

His motivation is the freedom to be, he translates it by his constant risk taking, his desire to travel and to always experiment new sensations.

He practices Break Dance, a discipline to which he is totally dedicated and which allows him to really feel alive.

A burger tasting expert, he compensates for the calories burned by a constant weight gain in order to stay clear-headed all day long and to spend good moments with his loved ones.
Nathan break dance