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In 2018, we developed the family portal for Moser School. As a result of this mandate, Moser School commissioned us to completely redesign the school's intranet, to start from scratch and create the perfect solution for the business needs.

The portal allows all the actors of the school to manage the administrative and organizational tasks, but also to take note of various information concerning the students, the classes, their grade and their calendar.

In short, it allows to manage the life of the school, starting with the management of the students' absences and ending with the generation of their school reports.

Our contribution

The solution

The portal allows faculty, administrators and students to digitally enhance their experience within the school and facilitate certain tasks. Each type of user of the platform has features that are specific to their role within the school. Let's look at some examples.
Moser Users view

The teacher

Moser Professor view
A teacher can have a quick access to his schedule, he can create assignments and transmit them directly to his students by making them appear in their timetable. The same is true for assessments.
In addition, he can assign grades to his students, remarks, or declare their absences or lateness as well as any other relevant information for their educational follow-up.
Moser absence
A class teacher, who in addition to being responsible for teaching a subject, is assigned a class of students for whom he or she is the main teacher.

This status allows him/her to view all the grades and assessments of the students in the class, as well as individual grades and assessments to provide them with a more personalized follow-up.
Moser students stat view

The student

The student has access to his timetable filled in by his teachers and class teacher. By logging into the extranet, they can see their week at a glance. This includes assignments given by their teachers, upcoming assessments and their class schedule.
Moser Whole page view
By clicking on an assignment or assessment, the student will be redirected to a page that displays more detailed information, including instructions left by the teacher.

Other roles

Other types of users have access to the platform, and can use it according to their assigned role. In general, their role reflects their position within the school.

For example, a school life supervisor can see the day's absences or the absences of a class at a given time.
Moser vie scolaire
Or, see each student's grades and ratings.
Moser grades

From a technical point of view

The frontend is developed with Blade templates for static pages and VueJs for dynamic views. It will communicate with a backend server developed in Laravel. This stack is the one we use the most in our web projects because it greatly facilitates the management of routes and communication with the database.


Logo école Moser


in production


Design and development


Vuejs Laravel


2021 - 2022

What next?

The portal is currently being used by the faculty and staff of Moser School. Moreover, thanks to the feedback from users, we are in a process of continuous improvement of the application, so the solution is constantly improving!
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