Discover a space differently "

This morning, Mrs and Mr Smith decided to visit the Saint-François church in Lausanne.

When they enter in the cultural space, they are notified of the existence of the dea* application. So, they decide to download it. Once installed on their smartphone, they notice the different indications mentioning the most important artworks and points of interest to visit.

They begin to walk freely and at some point, they find themselves under a painting. They consult their smartphone and dea* tells them that it is a paintwork by G. Saudan "Fortuny IX". Additional information on the paintwork and on the artist is displayed, but also on other related points of interest that might be of interest to them.

At the end of their free journey and thinking they had done the tour, they stumbled upon an ephemeral creation by Sandrine Pelletier "9.5 on the Luther‘s scale". They find it surprising but pleasant that such a tool can also notify them of a temporarily present artwork. This shows that dea* updates itself automatically and that without it they might have missed this beautiful discovery.

Mrs and Mr Smith enjoyed this new experience which allowed them to walk freely while learning things they didn’t know about the Saint-François church.

If you also wish to give a new impetus to your cultural experiences, explore this innovative application that brings another dimension to educational discoveries: