One Year of MobileThinking!

It seems it was yesterday when we started MobileThinking, but one year has passed already since we officially signed the legal documents. Indeed, MobileThinking is not something that was just created in one day a year ago, but the product of many long meetings, ideas, brainstorming, planning, beers, and most of all, a lot of effort.

It seems it was just yesterday that five people, all with their respective illusions and dreams, started to talk about what would be what MobileThinking is today. This was more than two years ago, and hell we have accomplished things we would have never imagined! We are very proud of what we have achieved, and we know we will do even more incredible things in the coming years.

During these last years, we have met wonderful people, made some incredible partners and developed many projects and ideas. We would like to thank each and every single person who has supported us, partnered with us or simply passed through MobileThinking's life. We wouldn't be what we are without each one of you, because we are not one, we are not five, but we are The Power of Many.
We wish MobileThinking a very happy birthday, and we hope that you will continue by our side on all the birthdays to come!