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Proud to be part of this innovative project!

D-Day has finally arrived! Today, Monday July 2, 2018, the first autonomous minibus, with passengers on board, is being tested on the tpg network! But what is it really about? It’s about autonomous vehicles, without drivers, which will circulate from suburban areas currently not or little served by public transport. Vehicles of different sizes, offering […]

Le portrait de Kevin Salvi

Chaque semaine, nous vous présenterons un membre de MobileThinking. Afin de ne passer à côté de personne, gardez un oeil attentif sur nos réseaux sociaux. Cette semaine, c’est Kevin Salvi qui est sous les feux des projecteurs.
vincent peillex

MobileThinking’s family is getting bigger

We are super excited to welcome Vincent within the team. He will be doing a 3 month internship during his master thesis. We hope he will enjoy these months and continue with us afterwards.

CICG Mobile applications release

In september 2017 our proposal for the CICG event management tool and the mobile applications were accepted. We worked really hard on that project and are thrilled to finally release it.