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Hassan Helbawi’s portrait

Hassan obtained a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science at the University of Savoie Mont Blanc before obtaining a second master’s degree in Information Systems at the Haute Ecole de Commerce (HEC) in Lausanne. Before working at MobileThinking, Hassan had already completed two internships that allowed him to familiarize himself with the world of […]
Jérôme Marchanoff

Jérôme Marchanoff’s portrait

Jérôme obtained a master’s degree in information and communication sciences and technologies at the University of Savoie. In the following two year, he worked as junior developer for several companies. After That, he joined the University of Geneva as a research assistant where he met the future founders of MobileThinking. For Jérôme was an enthusiastic […]
Etes-vous plutot iPhone ou Android

Are you an Android or iPhone user?

Are you more honest if you own an Android? Are you more outgoing or do you consider your phone as an essential statutory brand if you prefer iPhones? According to the first study, the type of phone you own would reveal key elements of your personality. Conducted by the psychology researchers from the universities of […]
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Jody Hausmann’s portrait

Jody began his professional career in Geneva by studying drawing and construction at CEPTA and obtained a CFC in mechanics. In 2001, after completing his CFC in Mechanics, he worked as a mechanical designer and team leader in the R&D department at Rollvis SA, a company specializing in micromechanics. In 2005, he decided to start […]

Vincent Peillex’s portrait

Since he was young, Vincent has been attracted to the IT domain. After obtaining his technological baccalaureate in Industrial and Sustainable Development Sciences and Technologies (STI2D) at the Jean Monnet high school in Annemasse, Vincent continued his studies at the Savoie Mont Blanc University with the aim of obtaining a master’s degree. Vincent has already […]
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Carlos Ballester Lafuente portrait

Carlos began by studying computer engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). At the end of his studies he decided to go to Erasmus in Norway. Back in Spain, Carlos worked in S2Grupo, an IT security company as a junior auditor. He is very passionate about this field and that’s why, after one year […]

MVP presentation

We will regularly present tools that we use in our work, but also problems that we encounter in our daily lives. This week, our choice has been the MVP. But what is an MVP? MVP stands for “minimum viable product” In other words, it is the smallest version of a product that can already be […]

Meeting the experts in autonomous vehicles

This Wednesday, July 4, 2018, three members of our team, Jérôme, Kevin and Carlos went to Lyon, more precisely in the Confluence district to meet the experts of autonomous vehicles, NAVYA.   First of all, who is NAVYA in a few words? NAVYA is a French company specialising in developing innovative, smart and sustainable mobility […]

Mattia Gustarini’s portrait

Mattia graduated from the University of Lugano with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science and started his professional career as an assistant on European projects at the University of Geneva. This led him to complete a thesis with the aim of obtaining a doctorate in Business & Management with a specialization in Information […]