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Atelier de conception Genève Design thinking

First conception workshop of the year

As we mentioned in our previous news, we have now our new office and are ready to host in-house conception workshops. 2019 started fast with our first workshop the second week of the year.
MobileThinking office

What a year!!!

2018 was rich in emotions. Many exciting new projects, but also the continuation of projects started in 2017. Increasingly closer relationships with our partners and customers, as well as promising new encounters. Here is a brief summary of our year.
Why your application idea won't be as successful as expected

Why your application idea won’t be as successful as expected

You have an application idea and your objective is to get it up and running as quickly as possible and to make it a great success. So, you go head first, thinking that you will create an “innovative” product, without considering the needs of your future users. But shortly after, you start to ask yourself […]
Autonomous car

In a single line

The automotive market is constantly evolving from a technological point of view. Not a week goes by without the announcement of new technologies or the development of new autonomous vehicles. Is this a long-lasting fashionable phenomenon or is it simply a turmoil in the world of mobility and transport? Fascinated by this new technology and […]

2nd H2020 AVENUE Plenary Meeting at Keolis Lyon

On November 7 and 8, Carlos and Kevin attended the second Plenary meeting of the H2020 Avenue project. It has been held in Lyon by the Keolis Group. It was a great mix of social event and very intense working sessions. The primary goal of the meeting for us was to kickstart WorkPackage 4 “Development, Adaptation […]

SWAPIN’s portrait

For the third time, we present you a startup in full expansion whose activity and career could inspire you. This week, we will introduce you to the SWAPIN startup. We had the opportunity to talk to Loris Di Nardo Di Maio and James McGill, the founders of this young company with strong growth potential, and […]
Startup words illustration

Building a startup requires more than genius!

A promising idea and a motivated team are not enough to turn a start-up into a giant of the sector. The key to success is to create a need where there was none, to offer customers a complete product that will meet their needs on its own and finally, to attract new talent. It is […]

Proov’s portrait

This month, we have chosen to introduce you to Proov. We had the opportunity to talk to the young and brave Nico Isler, co-founder of the company and now we want to share this interview with you to tell you more about how it works and about our close and amicable collaboration. But first and […]

joHdi’s portrait

Regularly, we will introduce you to a startup/enterprise that we are proud to work with. If you are interested in the world of growing companies, keep a close eye on our social networks, because their activity and career could inspire you. This week,  joHdi company is in the spotlight. We had the opportunity to speak with […]
Workshop @Bestmile

Workshop @bestmile

On August 7, Carlos and Kevin visited the Bestmile offices in Lausanne and participate in the workshop they were organizing to discuss about services related to the Avenue H2020 project. During this workshop the following project partners were present: Amobility, SLA, Keolis, tpg, MobileThinking and of course, Bestmile. Being responsible for the development of the […]