Should I choose native or hybrid technologies to develop my application?

It depends entirely on your project!

If you intend to make your application accessible from the Internet via web desktop, web mobile, and as well the application stores (Android and iOS) then we advise you to choose a hybrid technology such as Progressive Web Application (Angular or VueJS). This technology allows you to encapsulate your web project with tools such as Capacitor and deploy it on Android and iOS stores. This can be a good way to quickly test your application in all of these platforms with your target audience.

On the other hand, if you wish to have your application only available for download from application stores, we will need to study its complexity in terms of design and functionality (augmented or virtual reality, use of phone sensors, etc), before to decide which technology to use.

In short, your final decision depends on the needs of your project. We therefore invite you to contact us to discuss it for an hour for free.