Implementation partners - Collaborate

You are looking for an implementation partner for your applied research project? We can help you with the proposal preparation and the development of your proof of concept or minimum viable product.

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You have an idea for an applied research project and you want a fast framework to concretize it for your proposal? We can help you with a Design Sprint!

You need to sketch the user interface or a technical architecture for your proof of concept? We can contribute with a prototype and our technical expertise.

You are looking for an implementation partner fully implicated from proposal to product? We participated in several swiss and european applied research projects from proposal to end.

As implementation partner

Complete your research department with our technical expertise.

Help to design and develop concrete proof of concepts and experimental products.

As European and Swiss Consortium core partner

Listed  as official consultants at Eurosearch (some universities and research institutes offers funds to their research collaborators to prepare project proposal for, e.g., the EU H2020 framework and the CH Bridge Discovery).

Help to shape the fundamentals of the project proposal.

Be part of the final consortium as consulting and developer team.

We can help you start your venture with our Sprint Design and Prototype workshops which are an excellent base for your project proposal or to rapidly test your idea. For example, we used these methods for the AVENUE project H2020 proposal to design the project services or to help the University of Lausanne with their project MONTAINCRAFT.

Let’s start your research proposal