Traverse, sharing cultural heritage

Traverse is a mobile application allowing personalized and live discovery of the Franco-Swiss cultural heritage.
From autumn 2017, it will accompany you in the interpretation of a landscape, the visit of a monument, the tasting of a local product, and much more.

Using a collection of images and sounds mostly taken from the archives of the project's public partners, linked together by themes and original narrative proposals (in the form of playlists), Traverse contributors highlight the history of the territory.
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The editorial application (Web)

The editorial application offers cultural heritage experts a way to inform, increase and share their knowledge intuitively. The objective data of the heritage are enhanced by the experience and personal vision of the experts. The idea is to attract the general public to a transversal discovery of the heritage. Each record contains taxonomies, but is also linked to others via strong links.
From these cards, it is possible to create playlists (via the editorial application as well as on mobile applications). These playlists are then available to everyone and add a new dimension in the discovery of the cultural heritage.


INTERREG V France-Suisse Project
- Fondation Facim




Design and development of the editorial application as well as mobile applications


Android & iOS native, React, MongoDB, Node.js


2016 - 2017