UnCrowd TPG - Everything you need to ride public transport in comfort

UnCrowd TPG combines real time bus and tram schedule with the real time crowd on the vehicles computed by our crowd model algorithm.
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UnCrowd TPG: more than the classic travel companion

The mobile app gives commuters a complete real-time snapshot of what their trip will be like, and suggests the most comfortable and less crowded way to travel.

- Avoid overcrowding during the ride
- Contribute and join the benefits
- Personalized experience
- Public transport options near you
- Save time - no more waiting in vain
- SMS Ticket


Internal project


Android development


Android native, Google AppEngine



UnCrowd TPG community

A community of users that contribute with their personal crowd evaluation

- Anonymous community members can contribute transparently while using the application
- The community can help everyone to explore new commuting solutions

UnCrowd TPG community

UnCrowd TPG is a project developed in collaboration with the Quality of Life group from the research Institute of Information Service Science!

The project is also sponsored by Google Research and available for the users of Geneva public transport on Google Play.