Shooting day at MobileThinking

Mar 162017

Our client and friends from came to the office today.


They took pictures and recorded us talking about our experience at MobileThinking and what it is like to be a young company in the mobile development.




We really look forward to see the outcome of that day (we already know that we are more confident behind our computer than in front of a camera... :-) )


Thanks again to Greg - - for his patience and professionalism.


MT Team

Nov 222016

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Une app pour visiter l’église Saint-François

Oct 272016



Nous sommes très heureux de vous présenter notre dernier développement basé sur le projet dea*.

Une application dédiée à la visite de l’église Saint-François de Lausanne.






Voir les articles dans la press:

Vous pouvez la télécharger sur iPhone ou Android.


N'hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez un besoin similaire.


MobileThinking team

Welcome Hassan

Oct 042016

Following our evolution and our academic links, we decided to welcome Hassan among us for his Master thesis internship from the University of Lausanne.




We are very happy to guide him towards the end of his master degree. The theme of his work will be "Elaboration d’un outil d’éditorialisation autour des sources de données hétérogènes du Patrimoine Franco-Suisse". His work will be integrated in our project "Patrimoine en partage" which aims to enhance the visibility of the heritage of our region.


Hassan will be involved in the elaboration of the project on a technical level but also have the opportunity to participate in technical and strategical meetings with our external partners.


We really look forward to be working with him.


Again, welcome to your new home Hassan ;-)


MT team

Our co-founder Kevin Salvi in the 2016 AAL brochure

Aug 082016

Here is a press release from the AAL (Active and Assisted Leaving programme) brochure of 2016.


Kevin Salvi worked as a technical project coordinator for the University of Geneva in the EDLAH (AAL) project. 




The project ended successfully in 2015 and led to the EDLAH2 project that has started early this year.


Kevin was the technical coordinator handling the research team of the TaM R&D group from the University of Geneva. He was the link between the research team and the European consortium throughout the project. 


 We wish EDLAH2 the same great success as EDLAH.


MT team