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Hassan obtained a bachelor's degree and a master's degree at the Savoie University in computer science before obtaining a second master's degree in information system at the HEC (Higher School of Commerce) in Lausanne.

Before working at MobileThinking, Hassan had already done two internships that allowed him to become familiar with the world of new technologies. These experiences were enriching and allowed him to begin in the professional world.

Passionate about the world of entrepreneurship and eager to join a growing SME, he began his career as a trainee at MobileThinking. Following his internship, we offered him a position of developer and commercial manager of our MT-Event product.
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@ MobileThinking

Hassan has a great analytical capacity which allows him to optimally address new projects and anticipate the challenges associated with them. He is also a studious person who has a great thirst for learning and is constantly improving.

His future vision for MobileThinking: to become the leader, in French-speaking part of Switzerland, in consulting and support for digital projects and digitalization.

According to him, the company must, of course, continue to make technology watch to be avant-garde and have enough material to advise our customers in the best way. It is important to be able to demonstrate to the latter, the added value that certain new technologies and trends in the market can bring to their business.

His colleagues perceive him as a courageous, thoughtful and determined person.

As a person

On the private side of his life, Hassan likes to meet his friends to discuss his future visions, his ideas and thoughts on new technologies to produce. In other words and in general terms, brainstorm.

He is also passionate about science fiction, history and politics. On the sport side, he practiced martial arts for ten years and started the weekly running sessions in the company.
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