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Why your application idea won't be as successful as expected

Why your application idea won’t be as successful as expected

You have an application idea and your objective is to get it up and running as quickly as possible and to make it a great success. So, you go head first, thinking that you will create an “innovative” product, without considering the needs of your future users. But shortly after, you start to ask yourself […]
Autonomous car

In a single line

The automotive market is constantly evolving from a technological point of view. Not a week goes by without the announcement of new technologies or the development of new autonomous vehicles. Is this a long-lasting fashionable phenomenon or is it simply a turmoil in the world of mobility and transport? Fascinated by this new technology and […]
Startup words illustration

Building a startup requires more than genius!

A promising idea and a motivated team are not enough to turn a start-up into a giant of the sector. The key to success is to create a need where there was none, to offer customers a complete product that will meet their needs on its own and finally, to attract new talent. It is […]
Etes-vous plutot iPhone ou Android

Are you an Android or iPhone user?

Are you more honest if you own an Android? Are you more outgoing or do you consider your phone as an essential statutory brand if you prefer iPhones? According to the first study, the type of phone you own would reveal key elements of your personality. Conducted by the psychology researchers from the universities of […]