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dea_revolution numérique

Free or guided tour?

This morning, Mrs and Mr Smith decided to visit the Saint-François church in Lausanne. When they enter in the cultural space, they are notified of the existence of the dea* application. So, they decide to download it. Once installed on their smartphone, they notice the different indications mentioning the most important artworks and points of […]
Etes-vous plutot iPhone ou Android

Are you an Android or iPhone user?

Are you more honest if you own an Android? Are you more outgoing or do you consider your phone as an essential statutory brand if you prefer iPhones? According to the first study, the type of phone you own would reveal key elements of your personality. Conducted by the psychology researchers from the universities of […]

Nous cherchons un Stagiaire Digital Marketing

Dans le cadre du développement d’un nouveau produit fun et innovant à destination des motards, nous recherchons un stagiaire en digital marketing pour nous aider à réaliser une campagne de crowd-funding (kickstarter – indiegogo) et déployer une nouvelle stratégie marketing sur les réseaux sociaux…