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Autonomous car

In a single line

The automotive market is constantly evolving from a technological point of view. Not a week goes by without the announcement of new technologies or the development of new autonomous vehicles. Is this a long-lasting fashionable phenomenon or is it simply a turmoil in the world of mobility and transport? Fascinated by this new technology and […]

SWAPIN’s portrait

For the third time, we present you a startup in full expansion whose activity and career could inspire you. This week, we will introduce you to the SWAPIN startup. We had the opportunity to talk to Loris Di Nardo Di Maio and James McGill, the founders of this young company with strong growth potential, and […]
Startup words illustration

Building a startup requires more than genius!

A promising idea and a motivated team are not enough to turn a start-up into a giant of the sector. The key to success is to create a need where there was none, to offer customers a complete product that will meet their needs on its own and finally, to attract new talent. It is […]

Proov’s portrait

This month, we have chosen to introduce you to Proov. We had the opportunity to talk to the young and brave Nico Isler, co-founder of the company and now we want to share this interview with you to tell you more about how it works and about our close and amicable collaboration. But first and […]

joHdi’s portrait

Regularly, we will introduce you to a startup/enterprise that we are proud to work with. If you are interested in the world of growing companies, keep a close eye on our social networks, because their activity and career could inspire you. This week,  joHdi company is in the spotlight. We had the opportunity to speak with […]
Amanda Bigler

Amanda Bigler’s portrait

Passionate about communication and event organization, Amanda is a structured and an open minded person who enjoys human contact. She completed her studies in a bank in Geneva with a commercial professional maturity specialized in Marketing. She continued her career by undertaking an “Allround” internship at UBS Bank AG and finally obtained a diploma from […]
dea_revolution numérique

Free or guided tour?

This morning, Mrs and Mr Smith decided to visit the Saint-François church in Lausanne. When they enter in the cultural space, they are notified of the existence of the dea* application. So, they decide to download it. Once installed on their smartphone, they notice the different indications mentioning the most important artworks and points of […]
Hassan_guava filter_version publication

Hassan Helbawi’s portrait

Hassan obtained a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science at the University of Savoie Mont Blanc before obtaining a second master’s degree in Information Systems at the Haute Ecole de Commerce (HEC) in Lausanne. Before working at MobileThinking, Hassan had already completed two internships that allowed him to familiarize himself with the world of […]
Jérôme Marchanoff

Jérôme Marchanoff’s portrait

Jérôme obtained a master’s degree in information and communication sciences and technologies at the University of Savoie. In the following two year, he worked as junior developer for several companies. After That, he joined the University of Geneva as a research assistant where he met the future founders of MobileThinking. For Jérôme was an enthusiastic […]
Etes-vous plutot iPhone ou Android

Are you an Android or iPhone user?

Are you more honest if you own an Android? Are you more outgoing or do you consider your phone as an essential statutory brand if you prefer iPhones? According to the first study, the type of phone you own would reveal key elements of your personality. Conducted by the psychology researchers from the universities of […]
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